Cirq Skip

Upcycling volkscultuur
since 1999.

B Oomfanfare 38


Families Muziek

Trees, poles, bridges, towers, ... nothing crazy enough for the BOOmfanfare to hang in.

This very special band play traditional folk melodies, enriched with jazz and rock.

The bOOmfanfare started in 2001 as the house orchestra of CirQ. In Parachut, a previous production, they played their music like a bunch of stranded parachutists.

In 2018, a new production started: Ambulance Arborique.

After years of using the tree as a means, it now becomes the goal of bOOmfanfare. For years, the fanfare has been able to enjoy the stage that a tree offers: the view from a great height, the protection of the crown, the twittering of birds,…

Now that different tree species are threatened by diseases - the elm, the ash, the horse chestnut - bOOmfanfare has decided to become a MUGteam for trees. A team of doctors and lab technicians rush to the spot, make a diagnosis, discuss the pathology and provide therapy. Medical rushing technology is used for this: ultrasound examination of sap streams, scanner detection of parasites, endoscopic examination of the stem heart and biopsy of the bark, antibiotic fungal treatment,...