Cirq Skip

Upcycling volkscultuur
since 1999.

Dsc 6420


Adults Refu-acts

Our customs officers like to know everything ...

They grill the visitors of your event with devilish pleasure. The only problem : the people who attend your event do not speak the language of the customs officers!

"در خيابان شما چند عدد قصابي وجود دارد؟"

"سايز پا شما چنده؟"

A clumsy assistant translates it into How many butchers are there in your street?, but it could just as well mean Are you going straight home afterwards?.

Once the conversation is over, the visitors get a stamp on their "Certificate of Immatriculation". A firm handshake seals their admission and the visitor immediately feels welcome.

Alert visitors understand that the customs officers play the role of the customs officers they encountered in their wanderings as political refugees. After all, this act has been designed with refugees and is also carried out by them. Our actors use the experience they gained at the different national borders on their escape route.

This act can be rented with a photo mat with which visitors can have a passport photo taken for their certificate. A nice souvenir!

The customs act can also be delivered with a very nice customs office. Festivals also usually use the office as a shop or for coupon sales.