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since 1999.

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Adults Refu-acts

Travelling to Aleppo or Baghdad was never this cheap!

Mohsen found a gap in the market. He recently made the trip from the Middle East to Belgium. Strange enough, he notices that the average Belgian would rather travel to boring France for the 13th time or to cold Stockholm!

Incomprehensible, while many buses, boats and containers just returned from Europe to Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq.

Mohsen started "Refu Travels" for us, unworldly Westerners. He knows the language, culture, eating habits, sights and beautiful nature of the region like no other and would like to seduce you with a cheap trip. The visitor who looks further and views the back of the brochure immediately sees that the destination will not, in reality, result in a dream trip. The journey and the brochure are in this way only a reason for a conversation with Mohsen or the region, our image about it and his own experiences there and here. Refu Travels introduces the visitor to your event to an actor who experienced the two sides of the coin. Both the rich culture and the dramatic cultural and human devastation that occur every day should not be far from our bed show. This act provides a direct link with these - for us inaccessible - cultures and silences everyone because the testimony is so real. This act can be mobile or in an office. CirQ supplies printed travel brochures.