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since 1999.



Adults Muziek

For your home-, garden- and kitchenbeats

More beats for the people! Because honestly, do you remember the "New Beat"? Can you name 3 Belgian techno DJs? Shame! Belgium is a leader in electronic music. From now on, everyone can make their own techno hit.

Under strict supervision of Baudouin and Fabiola, you take a seat at the Formica table in a kitchen, straight out of the eighties.

With kitchen appliances, you can compose your own hit. Grab the petty thief, press some keys on the phone and choose chords. Each device is adjusted in such a way that you operate written software with analog buttons, that mix everything into a finished dance song. In short: turn some buttons and imagine you’re the star of Fuse.

Untz untz untz.

The Technotable works as follows

  • four people take a seat at a kitchen table and choose a band name
  • each band member gets a device and analogously controls the samples, beats, chords, oscillator or lyrics
  • after some practice, the band records a dance hit
  • the hit will be uploaded online
  • every hour, there is a mini-rave with the finished techno hits

Examples of technotable-songs you find here