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CirQmatiQ Super3000

Families familie kinderen gezinnen

The first full-automatic child improvement machine!

In 1982, GDR engineers developed a machine that would change the future of the Eastern bloc forever: The CirQmatiQue Super3000. A machine that turns every kid into the perfect child.

Parents push their lovely brat, with the shortages every kid has, into one side of the machine and on the other side of the machine, a perfect child comes out. Short-sightedness, stupidity, stuttering, a lack of imagination, laziness, … no shortcoming can not be solved by our machine!

Book this machine at your event and every classic face painter becomes superfluous. This acts transforms children into crazy things, such as unicorns, Smurfs, smartypants,... Uninterested laborers occupy the parents during the transformation of the kids.

Say goodbye to boring queues at your event!