Cirq Skip

Upcycling volkscultuur
since 1999.

Dsc 6289


Adults feest familie gezinnen straattheater

Hairsalon Baghdadi-style!

Abdo, the finest hairdresser from Palestine or Zaid, the best coiffeur from Baghdad set up a hairdressing salon and will torture your male and female visitors, so they leave the salon nicer than they came in! Abdo’s specialty is رسم الحواجب بالخيط (Resm al hawajeb b alkuet), otherwise known as facial epilation with a string.

Zia or Igee, respectively from Afghanistan and Congo, can set up a retouch workshop in the same room. People can get their clothes repaired, shortened, put zippers on, sew buttons on or personalize as a whole!