Cirq Skip

Upcycling volkscultuur
since 1999.

Cirq Tryout Flyer


CirQ organized a showcasefestival for new acts

In April 2019, we showcased new acts on DOK. Acts from CirQ, but also collaborations with Productie en Zonen, Instituut voor Volkswarmte, N.V.O.V.K.B and more.

⋆ Safari
⋆ Circus Kollosale
⋆ Karaoke-Kar (NVOVKB)
⋆ Ski lift (NVOVKB)
⋆ Techno table
⋆ Confessional chair
⋆ French fries cannon (Charmezaken)
⋆ Warm Sand (Institute of Popular Heat)
⋆ Döner Kleibäb (Institute of Popular Heat)
⋆ Mental Wash (Institute of Popular Heat)
⋆ 'Absolutely reliable' by Ralf Wetzel